I am an up and coming nurse entrepreneur specializing in private duty nursing home care. Where can I get some help?


Dear Nancy,

I am an up and coming nurse entrepreneur specializing in private duty nursing home care. Initially, I will be a sole proprietor. I have done everything except acquire the proper documents/contracts for my business library. I have made multiple calls and attempts to gather that information to no avail. Where can I get some help?


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Janet,

It sounds as though you have been hard at work in setting up your private duty home care business. Despite your hard work, it is always good to get input, both legal and regulatory, to help finish that process.

The best way for you to obtain the information you need is through a consultation with a nurse attorney or other attorney who consults with healthcare sole proprietors. There are many areas you will need information about, including tax issues, workers’ compensation, professional liability insurance, and contracts with those with whom you will be working as well as contracts for any independent contractors you hire to perform your home healthcare for patients.

You can identify an attorney in your area by contacting the state or local bar association, which often has a referral service. Explaining your specific needs to the service can yield names of several attorneys who concentrate their practice in business and regulatory law. If you have a colleague who has set up his or her own business, check with him or her as well for a referral.

You also might want to check with the National Nurses in Business Association (www.nnba.net) for information and additional support for your agency. The website provides links to conferences, texts and template documents that might be of some help to you. Becoming a member also might be a good idea for continuing contact with nurse entrepreneurs like yourself.


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