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University of Pennsylvania honors nurse researcher with appointment

Janet A. Deatrick, RN, PhD, FAAN, co-director of the Center for Health Equity Research at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, has been appointed to the Shearer Endowed Term Chair in Healthy Community Practices.

Deatrick’s research focuses on families caring for children with chronic conditions and ethical aspects of care and decision-making processes of children. She has achieved recognition for her work related to advancing the understanding of family dynamics and responses to children’s chronic conditions. In addition, Deatrick’s conceptual model considers the variety of influences within the environment and the family. She developed tools which created the framework for studies in the field, which are considered a template for family research and are translated and used in many countries.

Deatrick has a publication record that includes publications in scholarly journals such as Journal of Pediatric Oncology Nursing, Journal of Community Health, Journal of Pediatric Psychology and The American Journal of Maternal-Child Nursing. She also is a member of the Child and Adolescent Expert Panel for the American Academy of Nursing.

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