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University of Pennsylvania director becomes Ameringen Chair in Nursing Excellence

Kathryn H. Bowles, RN, PhD, FAAN, director of the Center for Integrative Sciences in Aging at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, has been appointed to the van Ameringen Chair in Nursing Excellence.

Bowles is recognized for her program of research and publications in nursing informatics and tele-homecare. Her research focuses on the use of information technology to improve the care of older adults. Bowles has led or been co-investigator on several multi-site, decision support, telehealth and transitional care studies funded by the National Institutes of Health, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Centers for Disease Control and several foundations. Bowles has a publication record that includes multiple publications in scholarly journals such as The Gerontologist, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, American Journal of Critical Care and Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

Bowles is co-chair of the American Academy of Nursing Informatics and Technology Expert Panel. She received the 2008 Nursing Research Award from the Heart Failure Society of America for her work on disease management using technology and the 2010 Eastern Nursing Research Society Distinguished Contributions to Nursing Research Award. She served as a consultant on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Sponsored Technical Expert Panel to identify the data elements essential for safe transitions. She also served on the National Quality Forum steering committee for care coordination.

Internationally, she shared her expertise in Singapore as a consultant for the ministry of health on information technology and transitional care. Bowles also is a collaborator with Visiting Nurse Service of New York as the Beatrice Renfield Visiting Scholar and is an active senior fellow for the Leonard Davis Institute at the University of Pennsylvania.

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