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UCLA School of Nursing remembers 30 years of service to shelter guests

The UCLA Nursing Health Clinic at the Union Rescue Mission, Los Angeles, celebrated its 30th anniversary in November. It is also the only shelter-based health clinic in the city that provides healthcare, not just for homeless men, but women and children as well, according to a news release.

Providing care

Since its founding, the clinic, which manages both acute and chronic illnesses, has provided care in more than 250,000 patient visits, according to the release. In 2012, its small staff of six provided comprehensive medical services to more than
2,500 people.

“Healthcare is an essential part of this mission,” said the Rev. Andy Bales, the mission’s CEO, in the news release. “While it is important to get people off the street and give them shelter and food, many of our guests have a lot of medical complications due to their time on the streets and these issues, if not addressed, can hold them back from allowing them to move out of homelessness. The care provided by the clinic over the past 30 years has really made a difference in people’s lives.

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