Top 10 healthcare documentaries

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Looking for something new to watch? Try these 10 riveting documentaries that explore healthcare from all angles.

Top 10 Healthcare Documentaries

10.’Nurses Needed’

“It’s all just tubes and wires without a nurse at the bedside.” “Nurses Needed” is a PBS documentary highlighting the devastating effects a nursing crisis could have on the healthcare system.

9. ‘NURSES: If Florence Could See Us Now’

A real-life depiction of the challenging and complex work nurses do. “Nurses: If Florence Could See Us Now” was created by  a On Nursing Excellence, a nonprofit committed to strengthening and engaging the nursing workforce.

8. ‘Along Recovery’

“Along Recovery” is a film that depicts four veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan and suffered Traumatic Brain Injury. This is a documentary that takes an intimate look at how TBI and Post Traumatic Stress affect the lives of soldiers who have served and the families who struggle alongside them. This is an especially enlightening documentary for nurses, whom in April of 2012, were called upon by First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden to serve as key players in the treatment needs of veterans recovering from TBI.

7. ‘The Waiting Room’

A PBS Independent Lens documentary that depicts an ordinarily extraordinary day in a public hospital emergency room. Check out a more in-depth review here.

6. ‘Weed’

Sanjay Gupta investigates, in an insightful and controversial look, into marijuana. The film explores the risks and benefits of the drug, with a focus on medical use.

5. ‘Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead’

Joe Cross is 100 pounds overweight with a variety of health problems, including an auto-immune disease that requires management with high-dose steroids. He sets out to heal from the inside out, by drinking nothing but fresh fruit and vegetable juices for 60 days. Does he reach his goal of weaning from all of his medications? You’ll have to watch and see.

4. ‘Up Down’

A candid look at the human experiences of people living with bipolar disorder. Slow at times, but refreshingly void of some of the more common docu-drama tricks. The stories are compelling enough to stand on their own.

3. ‘Way Beyond Weight’

“Way Beyond Weight” is a comprehensive look at the factors that contribute to one of the scariest health issues in the modern world, the obesity epidemic.

2. ‘Escape Fire’

Described as “Visionary,” “Compelling,” and “Inspirational”, “Escape Fire” explores the country’s healthcare crisis and offers a hopeful glimpse into what a paradigm shift could mean for the trajectory of the healthcare system. Plus, for a limited time you can earn CE credit for watching the documentary! Details here.

1. ‘Monica and David’

Winner of the Tribeca Film Festival for Best Documentary, “Monica and David” is a heartwarming and eye-opening portrayal of a couple with Down Syndrome, as they strive for independence. Along with the family who supports them, they grapple with finding balance between self-sufficiency and much needed support.


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