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How do I find online or telephone work as I am not allowed to work where federal funding is accepted, which seems to be everywhere?


Dear Donna,

I have been an RN for 13 years. In 2011 I had an incident occur that resulted in the Office of the Inspector General restricting me from working anywhere federal funding is accepted, which seems to be everywhere. I live in a very rural area, and jobs are limited.

I have thought about doing online or telephone work, but have no idea how to find such a job. I have always worked in med/surg. How do I find this type of work? The nursing board in my state has not put any restrictions on my license, but I will have to complete a year of probation if I ever get another nursing job

Sad and Hurt

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Sad and Hurt,

Most privately owned, for-profit companies do not receive any federal money. Because you live in a rural area, research and contact some private telephone triage and case management companies. Internet search for “Private case management companies,” “private telephone triage companies” and so on. Much of this work is done by RNs by phone and computer from their homes. Also look into eICU companies providing remote patient monitoring to healthcare facilities. You would work for the eICU company, not the healthcare facility.

Another option is doing insurance exams for a “portamedic” type company to make some money. You wouldn’t even need to mention the license restriction (unless the board of nursing would notify your employer for some reason) because you only need a healthcare background to do this work and you would not be working under your license. But it would keep you engaged in the healthcare scene and bring some income. These are just a few possibilities.

Since networking is the most effective way to find and get a job, especially when you have obstacles to overcome, talk to those in your trusted circle who you can relay, in a general way, what you are looking for and why. Ask for their help by way of referrals, introductions and recommendations. Find others who will help and support you in this challenging situation rather than trying to do everything alone. And while it is never easy to ask for help or admit/reveal your mistakes to others, many people will give someone like you a second chance if they believe you are making a sincere effort to get a fresh start and have learned from your mistakes. It happens every day.

For additional tips and advice you also should read “Picking up the pieces of your career” (

Best wishes,


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