Can a nurse who has been doing laser hair removal for years add waxing to her practice without going to esthetician school?

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Dear Nancy,

I have worked in aesthetics doing laser hair removal for years, but I want to know if I can combine it with waxing without going to esthetician school. I do know in my state, procedures, such as facials can be done by an RN without an esthetician license as long as they are in a doctor’s office.

I work in a traveling laser company and am covered by the company’s doctor. An owner of the spa, not the doctor, wants me to do some waxing in addition to my laser work. Can I do this on my own? The nurses practice act in my state is not clear on the topic. I know other nurses do it, but I’m not sure if it’s legal.

Sandra Sue

Dear Nancy replies:

Dear Sandra Sue,

Regardless of what other nurses may be doing in your state and regardless of what the owner of the spa in which you work says, you need to ensure performing waxing is a procedure covered by your state nurse practice act. The fact that there is such a thing as an “Esthetician License” requires a careful analysis of the scope of practice of both that license and your license to practice nursing.

You may be able to obtain the answer to your question by submitting it to the state board of nursing, if they provide for submission of general questions to be submitted and then provide responses. If this is not possible, the only way you can ensure your license as a registered nurse allows you to perform this procedure is to obtain an opinion from a nurse attorney or attorney in your state who works in the area of regulatory law.

It may well be that registered nurses are granted the authority to do waxing under the applicable law(s) that govern an esthetician’s practice. It also may be that a court decision held registered nurses can perform this procedure, or the nurse practice act may have been recently amended to allow registered nurses to do waxing.

Keep in mind if any of the above scenarios do allow you to perform waxing, one or all may require some sort of certification or successful passage of a course on the topic. The attorney with whom you consult can help you determine if such a requirement exists.



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