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Moral responsibility

I speak both English and Farsi and am a certified interpreter nurse who is practicing in a diverse community hospital of Orange County, Calif. I was taking care of a patient who spoke only Farsi. The patient’s father asked me about the Affordable Care Act and how to enroll.

It seemed to me because of the language barrier it would be difficult for him so I offered to explain in Farsi the ACA law. He asked me if I had any time to go through the online enrollment.

After my shift ended, I helped him to choose and enroll online; it took just less than one hour. He was so thankful and satisfied, and I was very fulfilled and happy to have helped.

I believe all nurses have a moral responsibility, to make sure people understand and register for the new health insurance at an affordable cost.

— Ali Tehrani, RN, MSN
Laguna Niguel, Calif.

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