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Easy and fast Halloween costumes for work

Halloween is just around the corner. But don’t fret! You don’t need to be Martha Stewart or spend tons of money to get festive for this spooky holiday. These last-minute costumes are fast, easy and cheap. And they’ll make your patients smile.

 Work-Friendly Halloween Costumes on the Cheap


Nothing says ‘classic Halloween’ like a good old witch costume. You can find a pointy black hat practically anywhere this time of year. Throw on a few warts for good effect.


Don a top hat, add a cape, and attach a faux handlebar mustache. Abra Cadabra! You’re a magician.

Pippi Longstocking

Roll those scrub pants to your knee to show off striped knee socks. Throw on a Pippi wig and you’ll be instantly transformed.


An eye patch and a pirate hat are all you need to invoke the pirate of yore. Arm yourself with some corny pirate jokes to complete the look. For example: What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? R!

Hula Dancer

Simple and affordable. Throw a hula skirt over your scrubs, wear a colorful lei, and you might convince a patient or two that you’re in Hawaii.


Adult patients will get a kick out of the classic Gilligan costume. Wear a red sweater over your scrub top and don a white sailor hat. Singing excerpts from the Gilligan’s Island theme song will win you bonus points.

Superman (Or SuperNURSE)

It doesn’t get much easier than a superhero t-shirt and basic cape. Pick a classic superman T or make your own SuperNURSE tee! Because every nurse is a superhero.

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