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The economics of nursing

The online article “The economics of nursing” ( should be mandatory reading for all healthcare professionals. I am shocked to see the amount of jobs lost, especially in my state. To think that there was no information, such as this, available to our representatives prior to them allowing the sequestration cuts to occur is beyond shameful.

We should be having job growth in 2013 as we get ready for the ACA. In Washington, there is a dire need for many more primary care providers/ARNPs, etc. to take care of the chronically ill, especially those who have not had any medical care for years due to its lack of affordability and access. This is the opposite of what the sequestration’s impact
will do.

Since my primary goal at work is patient safety, we should have more nurse representatives involved in the political process. With cuts to Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements, patient safety will continue to suffer.

Unfortunately, by the time nurses reach the ends of their careers, the life blood has been sucked from them due to poor staffing, high patient assignments and inadequate pay for the complexity of work they do. I hope your article is widely spread and read among my colleagues.

— Anne Overby, RN
Olympia, Wash.

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