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Adventist La Grange names nurse winner of Caritas Core Values Award

Jayci Dubik, an RN at Adventist La Grange (Ill.) Memorial Hospital, remembers visiting the hospital as a young girl and spending time on the unit where nurses cared for premature babies.

Dubik and her siblings were all born premature, Dubik said in a news release, and they would visit the hospital where they were born at for annual reunions of families of premature babies.

“Since all four of us were preemies, my parents made sure we all went to appreciate what they did for us and our family,” Dubik said in the release. “They would have a little party and offer tours to the outside of the neonatal intensive care unit, so you were able to see the nurses in action and the babies. … The nurses were so nice holding the babies and feeding them. I told my mom, ‘I’m going to do that one day.’”

Dubik has been a nurse in the ICU for the past year and a half and recently was named the Adventist La Grange’s Caritas Core Values Award winner, a hospital honor bestowed upon a nurse who has earned the trust and respect of patients and other healthcare professionals, according to the release.

Although she’s still relatively new to the field, Dubik already is working as a nurse preceptor at the hospital, helping teach student nurses, Maria Suvacarov, RN, MSN, CCRN, CEN, CVRN, nursing director for the ICU at Adventist La Grange, said in the release.

“She has proven to be an excellent nurse,” Suvacarov said in the release. “She has very good clinical judgment.”

Dubik has worked at Adventist La Grange for the past seven years, beginning as a patient transporter when she was 18. She worked her way up to patient care technician before going to nursing school. The La Grange Memorial Hospital Foundation awarded her with a scholarship to help pay for her education. Dubik also volunteers with the American Red Cross and the Wounded Warrior Project. Her brother was wounded in Afghanistan while Dubik was studying for her nursing degree. She took two months off from work to care for him, with the hospital’s ED staff raising money to assist her.

“Jayci is a great team player, and she is always willing to help wherever she is needed,” Mary Murphy, RN, MSN, vice president and CNO at Adventist La Grange Memorial Hospital, said in the release. “She serves as a fine example for all our nurses, and we are proud to have her on our staff.”

As a nurse, Dubik said, she enjoys taking care of people.

“I love the personal relationships you have taking care of somebody,” she said in the release. “Just that one day you spend with them can change their life.”

She remembers one patient specifically, a man diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. His doctors gave him six months, she said, but he managed to live for almost two years. He was a frequent visitor to the hospital’s ICU.

In his final days, Dubik helped to arrange for home hospice for the man. The morning after he returned home to his family, he died.

“I went to the wake and saw the family,” she said in the release. “They were so thankful I was able to help him be at peace. For them to have that appreciation for me is humbling.”

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