What kinds of questions can I expect to be asked by interviewers for a job as a clinical nurse educator?

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Dear Donna,

I have an interview for a clinical nurse educator position. What kinds of questions can I expect to be asked by the interviewers?

Going on an Interview

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Going on an Interview,

Since every interviewer and every interview is different, it’s not always easy to predict these things. But without knowing your specific background, be prepared to talk about why you want the job and why you want to work for that facility (if not already working there). And if your background is not as an educator, you may be asked why you want to get into education and what you would bring to the job, which is something you should reflect on anyway.

Speak passionately and enthusiastically about all of the above. Don’t be shy in pointing out your relevant experience, background and credentials. And be sure to ask some good questions yourself such as: What do you see as the strengths and weaknesses of the department? Are there any challenges that need to be tackled immediately? Who would I be reporting to? What is your vision for the department in the next 5 years (if you are speaking to the department head)?

If you didn’t tune into my live webinar earlier this week: “Interviewing successfully: How to advance your career,” you can listen to the archive http://ce.nurse.com/course/web191/interviewing-successfully-how-to-advance-your-career/. I cover preparation for the interview, how to ace the interview and how to follow-up.

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