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Should I hold off pursuing my BSN as we are in debt with daughter’s college loans? I know my work position is going to be elminated soon.


Dear Donna,

I am a nurse with 33 years of acute care experience and six years of experience as a case-manager on a med/surg unit. The hospital where I work is eliminating positions, including nursing and eliminating the case management department. We are in debt with our daughter’s college loans so I am holding off in pursuing my BSN at this point. What do you think? I have updated my resume and am researching jobs outside of the hospital setting.

Researching Jobs Outside of the Hospital

Dear Donna Replies:

Dear Researching Jobs Outside of the Hospital,

What you are experiencing is a national trend. The reason is that care is shifting out of the hospital and into alternate settings. This is the direction healthcare is moving. It’s not bad; it’s just different, and actually good in many ways.

As an experienced case manager you will be able to find work in an insurance company, private case management company or other healthcare facility. But you have plenty of other options as well.

Regarding your BSN, don’t delay. That is one of the best things you can do for career advancement and marketability, not to mention personal development. Don’t use financing as an excuse. Where there is a will, there is always a way. And there is plenty of scholarship money available for those who go after it. Read “Master the scholarship game” ( and “Go back to school and change your life (

All nurses, both new and experienced, need to look in new directions for employment and need new skills and techniques to find and get those jobs. Getting active in social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) and actively networking in other ways/places is one of the ways to find a job. Tune in later today for a free webinar, Networking for nurses: Is it important? (, where I will discuss the hows and whys of networking: one of the most effective ways to find and get a job and advance in your career.

I also recommend you read “The ULTIMATE Career Guide for Nurses ( to be sure your resume is up to the most current resume-writing standards and all of your other self-marketing skills are up-to-date as well. The times they are a changin’ and nurses need to keep up with the times!

To get up to date on issues and trends and the current job market, consider attending my “Career Alternatives for Nurses” seminar. You’ll get more job leads, ideas, and information than you ever knew existed in nursing. See where I’ll be at The program also is available in a home study version at

You also should be getting out to nursing career fairs On tonight’s webinar, I’ll be talking about how to get the most from attending a career fair among
other topics.

Best wishes,


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