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What type of job might a traveling psych nurse find more satisfying and more lucrative than a typical nursing job?


Dear Donna,

I am an RN with a bachelor’s degree in health and wellness and a master’s degree in human services, and have worked as a traveling psych nurse for more than 10 years. Do you have any advice on the type of job that would bring happiness and money to the plate other than the typical nursing job?

Wants Happiness and Money

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants Happiness and Money,

Nursing is probably the most diverse profession on the planet. You have a great background and plenty of possibilities. Without knowing, generally, what you’re good at and what you enjoy doing, it is hard to give you specifics. But I will give you some general advice.

To start exploring your options and to help decide what other nursing jobs might appeal to you, read the articles “How to find your forte” ( and “How to change specialties” (

You are a perfect candidate for my Career Alternatives for Nurses seminars. In these full-day events, you’ll learn to identify transferable skills, find out what career options are hot and growing, get an idea of salaries, learn specific companies to apply to and how to effectively market yourself. See where I’ll be: The program is also available in a home-study version:

Also, go to career fairs in your area. These events usually have some nontraditional employers there and agencies that place nurses in nontraditional positions. To see what’s coming up: Read “How to get the most out of attending a career fair” (

You don’t have to know exactly where you’re headed, but you do need to start moving in a positive, forward direction. Take steps as described in the articles above that will help you to meet new people, learn about options and brush up on your networking and self-marketing skills. Everything happens through networking, so get out there. The rest will work itself out.

Best wishes,

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