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Can you give me some direction on how to provide continuing education courses for nurses in my state?


Dear Donna,

Georgia has passed a new bill to require continuing education hours for nursing license renewal beginning in 2016. I see opportunity to get into coordinating and providing courses at my local level to meet this need. Can you give me some direction on how others may be doing this? My specialty is Nursing Informatics.

Wants to Offer CE

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Wants to Offer CE,

Sounds like a plan.There are indeed many other nurses who present educational programs for nurses and offer CE credits along with it. I, for example, started offering public seminars for nurses years ago and applied to get CEs for the program through my state chapter of the American Nurses Association. You can do the same even if not a member of ANA. Contact your state chapter ( and speak to their education coordinator for
more information.

You also can do an Internet search or ask around to find other nurses who provide local CE offerings. You can ask your state chapter of ANA who is doing this in your area. Then you can formulate some educational offerings – short to start. Try offering them at colleges, hospitals, etc. or do your own public offerings as I did. Many colleges with degree programs for nurses also offer CE programs though your local college’s adult education division. A book you might find helpful is: “How to Run Seminars & Workshops” by Robert L. Jolles.

I cover many of the related issues in my “How to Start Your Own Business or Consulting Practice” seminar. See where I’ll be: This program also is available in a home-study version.

Consider contacting the National Nurses in Business Association for additional help and support. Many of their members are CE providers. By the way, I will be the keynote speaker at their upcoming annual conference in Orlando on Oct. 5. Lastly, an article you may find helpful is,
“Considering Consulting?” (

Best wishes, Donna

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