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Social media has done a lot for nursing. And blogging is no exception. But with the number of blogs out there, it’s hard to know what’s worth reading and what deserves a click on the back arrow of your browser. These are our picks for best nurse-written (for the most part) blogs out there.

1.  Theresa Brown, The NY Times Well Blog

Why it made the list: Theresa’s writings do nurses a wonderful service — they explain to the public who nurses are and what nurses do. Without getting preachy, Brown explores some of the challenges that abound in the nursing profession.

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2.  My Strong Medicine

Why it made the list: Sean is a Registered Nurse and CrossFit enthusiast who has a unique way of blending perspectives on fitness and nursing (before becoming a nurse, Sean was a certified athletic trainer.)

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3.  Nurse Alice Benjamin

Why it made the list: Nurse Alice Benjamin is just … well … cool. She’s a nurse who’s comfortable with the title “health expert,” having appeared on numerous radio and TV shows as a health correspondent. Nurse Alice blogs about new medical research, the changing healthcare system and healthcare-related current events.

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4.   According to Kateri

Why it made the list: Kateri touches on both her personal and professional life. Intelligently written, According to Kateri explores some of the bigger questions in life, like the role pain plays in our lives and what it means when someone says you’re “just a nurse.” Her words resonate.

5.  Head Nurse

Why it made the list: Hilarious commentary on life as a nurse: the good, the bad and the irritating. Add in a smattering of humorous posts about her life outside of nursing and Head Nurse wins the title of Wickedly Delightful.

6.  The NP Mom

Why it made the list: The NP Mom writes educational blog posts about a variety of clinical topics. Blogger Brett Badgley Snodgrass, a family nurse practitioner, writes relevant material that can be a health resource for laypeople and nurses alike.

7.  Digital Doorway

Why it made the list: NurseKeith’s passion is to help nurses live healthy and fulfilling lives. His blog topics cover self-care, book reviews, emerging career trends and nurse bullying. He also co-hosts RN.FM Radio

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8.  RT Connections

Why it made the list: Renee Thompson, of RT Connections, conducts presentations and seminars that focus on effective communication, leadership and healthy work environments. Her blog covers topics such as burnout prevention and tips for dealing with workplace bullies.

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9.  Stop Giving It Away

Why it made the list: Granted, Cherilynn Veland is a licensed social worker, not a nurse. But with a focus on mental health and self-care, any healthcare worker can benefit.

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10.  MoJo, RN

Why it made the list:  There are only two posts, which is disappointing. Because MoJo, RN is funny, pointed, and let’s be honest, slightly vulgar. She writes as if she’s talking to you.

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11.  Doctor Grumpy (and Mrs. Grumpy)

Why it made the list: Not all doctors are bad. You can even read what they write without shriveling up! Doctor Grumpy is laugh-out-loud funny and has a — get this — wife who’s a nurse, aka Mrs. Grumpy. Her posts about school nursing are hysterical, and once in a while she throws a short, sweet one in. Just to make you wonder if she’s really grumpy at all.

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