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Can I use my RN credentials in a business offering energy healing services?


Dear Nancy,

I am educated in energy work (healing touch plus other energy techniques) and am an RN. Can I turn this into a business in which I offer energy work to clients, while also using RN after my name? I do know there is a diagnosis for energy imbalance. Does this cover me legally?


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Fredercia,

Your question, about being covered “legally,” is unclear. However, several comments can be made about the use of your credentials, “RN” in a business providing energy work to clients.

A person can use any credentials he or she has honestly earned in any business established. The only criteria for the use of those credentials is that it not be misleading to the public. If a person used “RN” in an established business and advertised one’s services as “better” because he or she is an RN that might be a problem.

You might want to consult with a nurse attorney or attorney in your state who works in the area of business organizations and business law to address how to name your business and what slogans or advertising to use, should you decide to do so. For example, using a slogan like “Energy work done by RNs is by far the best you can get” would probably not be a wise choice, standing alone. But using your credentials after your name, along with the business name (e.g., Energy Plus. Energy work provided by appointment. 1234 Smith Street, Anywhere, Pa. Call 123-456-789. Mary Smith, RN (along with any energy credentials), would be straightforward and honest. You also can truthfully provide a description of any of your educational preparation, presentations you’ve given, papers you’ve written and the philosophy of your practice that you deem important for your potential clients to know.

Many businesses also use client recommendations or comments on their websites or in their advertising to help the public know about the treatment they provide and clients’ satisfaction with
their care.

You might want to review your state nurse practice act and rules for any guidance on businesses and advertising established by licensed nurses. Some practice acts provide helpful direction.

Be sure to discuss with the attorney whether you would need to purchase professional liability insurance for your energy work. If you already have this insurance for your work as an RN, you need to discuss with the insurance company whether coverage would be possible for your energy work.


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