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What kind of an attorney can help me get off of probation if I’ve lost my nursing license?


Dear Nancy:
I lost my nursing license for one year. Once I found a job, I was on probation for five years. I was not treated fairly, and my family and I suffered for this. Now I have been working for two years, and I want to be off of probation so I can move on. The nursing board said my probation started in 2011 not 2009 when I had to quit work because of my license suspension. What kind of an attorney can help me?


Nancy Brent replies:

Dear Stephanie:
Your question is a little confusing in terms of the time line you presented, but it seems that if you lost your license for one year, you would not be able to work during that year. As a result, any probationary period would have to begin after the one year suspension had passed and after your license
was restored.

You did not mention if you had legal representation when your license was suspended, but if you did, you should contact that attorney for his or her opinion about when the probation period started. If you did not have legal representation, seeking advice from a nurse attorney or attorney in your state who defends health care professionals before regulatory boards would be important. You can locate such an attorney through state bar referral services, The American Association of Nurse Attorneys’ referral service ( or through your state nurses association.

Be sure to take a copy of any orders the board entered in your case. Likewise, if you entered into a consent order governing your suspension and probationary period, be sure to take that document with you as well.

Sincerely, Nancy

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