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I finished reading the April 22 cover story, “Budding nurses” (, and I realized how blessed I was to receive my education in a 33-month nursing diploma program. I walked out of school with the confidence I would meet the demands of my new profession. I was not exhausted by the end of the first year; I had been working in the clinical setting for most of those 33 months during school and knew what to expect.

I realize that every day there is something to learn, even as a nurse of 25 years. The American Nurses Association is making a joke of this profession with its emphasis on BSNs. I am back in a BSN program, learning to write research papers in a certain format, studying western civilization, spending thousands because this will make me a better nurse. I don’t think so.

I’ve heard some hospitals only will hire nurses with BSNs, that 25 years of experience accounts for nothing. According to the article, new graduates say they can’t recognize life-threatening complications, but I’m sure they can write a research paper.

It’s a failure in the education system when a person invests thousands of dollars and four years and can’t go with confidence into the profession they prepared for, that they will need an additional six to nine months without pay to learn to develop clinical skills. But I am confident they can write a research paper.

— Donna Ferretti, RN, CEN
Newtown, Pa.

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