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Water, water everywhere: 5 foods for hydration

Did you know that water comprises 2/3 of our body weight?

We need it to assist in many physiological processes:

  • Cell and organ function
  • Waste elimination (urine, stool, and sweat)
  • Joint cushioning
  • Healthy mucous membranes

The American Council on Exercise suggests that to replenish fluids, women should aim for approximately 90 ounces daily, men about 125 ounces. If you up your activity level (especially in the heat) you’ll likely need more.

We get as much as 20% of our water intake through the foods we eat. If you have trouble meeting your fluid goal, try to optimize your intake of these hydrating foods, which are composed of more than 90% H20, making them excellent choices to optimize hydration.

5 Foods For Hydration

  1. Celery (95% water)
  2. Cucumber (96% water)
  3. Watermelon (92% water)
  4. Iceberg (96% water)
  5. Radish (95% water)

More Tips

  • Water Reminder App: This free app helps you keep track of your water intake, allows you to set reminders, and track your progress. You can even share your logs via email. Why not buddy up with a coworker to for accountability?
  • Have a cup of soup: Broth-based soups are another tactic you can use to up your fluid intake.  To avoid exceeding sodium intake recommendations, opt for homemade and low sodium soups.


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