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Party time! DIY decorations

Want to do something special for a coworker? From wedding and baby showers to promotions and retirement, there are a million and one reasons to celebrate at work. Even if you don’t have someone particular in mind, throwing a little shin dig “just because” can be a great boost for morale!

Any of these projects would also make cheery decorations for a favorite patient’s room. (Oh, come on, everybody has a favorite now and again.)

Paper Pom-Pom Pendants

These luscious round globes hanging from the ceiling are all the rage. And why not? They look beautiful and are an easy way to fill a room with color. Check out this YouTube video tutorial:

Retro Banner

This banner looks ornate, but when you break it down, the steps are fairly simple. The painted wooden letters are an adorable touch, but if that’s too labor intensive for you, you could always glue decorative buttons or a jewelry charm instead! From

Classic Pennant Banner

A pennant is a flag that tapers to a point. These mini-pennants strung together create a colorful medley. Make them out of fabric, or if you’re all thumbs when it comes to sewing, simply cut triangles from scrapbook paper and follow this tutorial. From YoungAmerica

Lollipop Centerpiece

For a vibrant table centerpiece that’s edible, too, try this lollipop bouquet. Just make sure your coworkers get to see the full effect before those childhood sweets start their big disappearing act. From

Paper Flower Bouquet

Paper flower bouquets are a great substitute for fresh flowers in areas of hospitals and clinics where flowers are restricted. Plus they’re affordable, don’t need water and never wilt. And the color schemes are endless. Try this beginner-friendly tutorial here. (From Or if you’re ready to take on something a little more complex, give something like this a try. (From

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