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Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital recognizes nurses for dedication

Five Good Samaritan Hospital value awards were given at a ceremony at Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital in Downers Grove, Ill., earlier this year. Two nurses were among the winners.

Delia David, RN, a nurse in the float pool, received the award in the stewardship category.

According to a news release, one of David’s patients was on a heparin drip for a pulmonary embolism and on Coumadin. Per protocol, the heparin had been discontinued. David noted that the patient was experiencing pain on the left side of her back that radiated to her groin and that her hemoglobin levels had dropped from the previous day. Protocol indicated David should restart the heparin, but she hesitated out of thinking that the patient might have a bleed. She mentioned the subtle lab changes and, more importantly, the acute pain the patient was experiencing to the nurse practitioner. She then insisted on notifying the patient’s physician, who ordered an abdominal CT scan – which showed a retroperitoneal bleed, a rare but life-threatening condition. A physician immediately placed a filter in the patient to stop the bleed, improving the patient’s outcome.

Rosa Moist, RN, a nurse on the NICU, received the award in the compassion category.

According to the release, Moist often develops close, long-lasting relationships with the families of the tiny babies she cares for. For example, she made jewelry for a sibling of a long-term NICU baby and sends cards to homes of families to boost their spirits. The family of one baby who passed away reached out to Moist, who gave them her cell phone number. Even though she was off for the weekend, she heard from the family several times. The family came in and met with Moist and the perinatal loss support team. Moist helped them through the process of setting up the memorial service and arranged further support for which they were extremely grateful.

“The father said he knew his son was cared for in so many ways and he felt the family wouldn’t have gotten through this without Rosa,” Peggy Farrell, RN, MSN, nurse manager of the NICU and pediatrics, said in the release. “Rosa always goes above and beyond with our patients and is a truly compassionate nurse.”


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