The truth about your shoes

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Don’t be deceived by the way your nursing shoes appear.

Researchers published a study in MedSurg Nursing that investigated foot pain. They found that foot pain gets in the way of a healthy lifestyle and activity. And can adversely affect patient care.

The authors recommend replacing your nursing shoes every 6 months due to structural break-down that can contribute to foot pain, even if the shoes look exactly the same as they did when you bought them.

Whether you go for something a little snazzy or a more utility shoe, replacing your footwear regularly is a worthy investment.

Patricia Nursing Shoe by Workwear – Pattern Red
Intense – Black Nursing Shoe by Dickies

Feet For Thought

  • In a study sponsored by Herman Miller, a healthcare furniture company, they found that nurses can walk upwards of 4 miles in a 12-hour shift.
  • There are approximately 250,000 sweat glands in a pair of feet, and they excrete as much as half a pint of moisture each day. 
  • The longest walk around the world was completed by a former neon-sign salesman, Jean Beliveau. He walked 46,600 miles around 64 countries. The trip took him 11 years. 
  • How many calories do you burn walking 1 mile? Walking at a pace of a 30-minute mile (moderate pace), a 150-lb. person would burn an estimated 85 calories; a 200-lb. person would burn an estimated 114 calories; a 250-lb. person would burn an estimated 142 calories; and a 300-lb. person would burn an estimated 170 calories.

How often do you replace your work shoes? Do you think old work shoes could be the culprit if you suffer from foot pain and leg fatigue?


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