After submitting many applications, I have four PRN job offers. Is it worth it for me to take three of them and work my schedule around them?

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Dear Donna,

I’m a new graduate looking for a job. After submitting applications everywhere that is hiring in my area, I’ve had four interviews and four offers. All four are PRN positions on different shifts — I’m wondering if it’s worth it to take as many as three of them and try to work my schedule around them. The four positions are on a med/surg unit, at a nursing home, a home health hospice facility and at a surgical center. I’m not sure what I’m expected to be able to handle, or even where to start.

Multiple Offers

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Multiple Offers,

Four job offers is great, but also confounding as you have discovered. I suggest you accept maybe two, depending on the following considerations:

• How many hours/shifts does each anticipate you might be offered? (Some hospital PRN nurses work almost full time.)

• Which ones offer the most comprehensive new nurse orientation and ongoing support?

• Which of the specialties/employers/shifts are you most interested and excited about?

• Where eventually might you like to work full time, based on specialty, schedule and employer?

• Where do you see the greatest opportunity to learn and grow as a new nurse?

• Which employers do you get the best feeling about, based on the people, the interview experience and opportunities offered?

As a new nurse, or any nurse, it is not a good idea to spread yourself too thin or in too many different directions. Use the criteria above to choose the one or two positions that best suit you.

In the meantime, read “New nurse, new job strategies” ( — take the advice there, including joining and participating in your state or national chapter of the American Nurses Association ( It is vital you immerse yourself in the nursing community to support your current and future career.

Best wishes,


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