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Nurses making headlines, vol. 2

We know nurses are fabulous.

But guess what? The news media does, too.

Over the last few months, nurses have shown the news media exactly what we’re made of. Unfortunately, much of what we’ve seen in the news lately has been fraught with tragedy and suffering. But behind every tragedy is a nurse making a difference. There’s that popular Mr. Roger’s quote that’s been popping up all over social media: “When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people helping.’ ”

Many of those helpers are nurses.

NBC News

After the devastating fertilizer blast in West, Texas, off-duty nurses raced to the scene, helping to evacuate trapped residents of a near-by nursing home. Imagine being a terrified, injured resident and then suddenly seeing a friendly face to tend to your wounds and keep you safe.

CNN and Huffington Post

The bombings that occurred at the Boston Marathon last month shocked the city and the nation. But for Stephen Segatore, Jim Asaiente, and countless other nurses, it was a call to action. Many nurses and other medical volunteers acted immediately to provide emergency care both at the scene and at the numerous hospitals that treated the victims. As victims continue the lengthy healing process, nurses are there every step of the way.

And Some of the More Uplifting Stories

NPR Radiolab

An interesting take on prematurity with excellent use of nurses and NPs as experts. Explores some of the ethical dilemmas surrounding premature birth decisions and an enlightening look at what a parent goes through emotionally and intellectually.


The American Nurse Project, an illuminating photojournalistic book about nurses, was inspired by Rhonda Collins, MSN, RN, and VP of Fresenius Kabi (an infusion therapy, clinical nutrition, and I.V. drug company) and beautifully captured by photographer Carolyn Jones and her team. In this goose-bump interview on PBS, Collins and Jones discuss the many kinds of nurses doing heroic work in US everyday.


This article covers the current bill proposal that would give nurse practitioners in the state of California greater autonomy in order to better serve the population’s health needs.

A recent article on entitled Nursing: the most trusted profession in America says this in its opener:

“Often described as both an art and a science, nursing is a profession that reflects the varied passions and interests of its dedicated workers. As the largest component of the healthcare professions, nurses serve with a strong commitment to patient safety even as they work in roles that range from airlift nurse to professor, from telemetry specialist to hospice supervisor.”

Nice work, news media. I’d say you’re starting to get it.


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