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You’re the expert: Tips from our readers

Hey, Scrubbed In readers!

When it comes to insider industry info — you know, real nurses and real life — you’re the experts. Scrubbed In is a community of thoughtful readers who are ready to share their experiences and connect with their nursing comrades.

Take a peek at some of the great tips and input we’ve received from readers over the past few months.

Let them drink tea

In response to our Tea Is The New Coffee post,  zebveg couldn’t agree more when it comes to tea’s numerous health benefits. She wrote: “I used to be a die hard coffee drinking nurse. Until I went all healthy! I actually have more energy drinking my green juices, smoothies and well green tea! Nice info, enjoyed reading as I sipped on some green roobios!”

Mind the muscle

Laure had some essential tips to add to our body stretches post. She advised: “When stretches aren’t enough to eliminate pain, look deeper.It may be that your muscles have not been exercised in a balanced way and you are not moving with focus and intention. Try some of the exercises and habits recommended by experts like Pete Egoscue, Esther Gokhale and Mary Bond. My local library carries titles by all of these authors (though of course they are available on Amazon, as well). It may also be that your fascia needs stretching even more than your muscles do….regular stretching may not target that. Check into the fascial stretches in the “The Ming Method” by Ming Chew.” Thanks Laure!

Dose of comfort

Many of our readers enjoyed our Word Therapy For Those Tough Nursing Days post, including  Jennifer Baker, RN-BSN, ADON. She wrote, “Thank you for the uplifting words … I will never forget 20 years ago one of my Nursing Professors told me ” nurse is the greatest job you’ll ever love”. She couldn’t have been more right! I try to pass this on to new nurses that come in. I still cry when patients I am close to die.. Once you stop being human, you should find another career. Thanks for the words of encouragement! I appreciate them more than I can say!!!”

Book club is in session

Laira Fonner enjoyed the book review of “The Human Side of Nursing” and recommended one of her favorites. “I also am inspired by Jennifer Worth’s book, The Midwife, which is one of the memoirs that inspired me to begin my studies as a nurse. Mainly because her tales are so poignant, and she truly LOVED her job.” is rolling out the red carpet for nurses during National Nurses week! Visit our Facebook page May 6-12 for daily offers!

Fresh and ready

Sandra offered a helpful energy boost idea in response to our 5 in 5: Quick Tips For Freshening Up During A Long Shift. “I work in a critical care unit which is often stressful. if my patients are stable, I usually take a few minutes and run up and down the stairs next to my unit. It’s a great refresher and I get in a little mint workout!”

Working around the block

And jesting15 agreed that breaking a long shift into mini blocks was a great way to get through the day. “Yes! Thankful that I don’t work 12 hr shifts anymore, but I used to break them into 4 hour “mini shifts” just to get my mind set around a smaller number of hours. This worked well when the 12 hrs turned into 16 when an unexpected call out required me to stay late. kudos for suggestion!”

Thanks to our community of thoughtful and intelligent nurses for your priceless expertise!

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