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10 simple tips to take care of yourself

Feeling drained and worn out but can’t take that dream vacation?

Here are 10 ways to practice self-care that can be done either daily or all day long. They may not seem like much, but the more you do them, the greater the benefits.

1. Put a stop to negative self-talk

Negative self-talk can get in the way of any attempts to practice self-care. You may not even be aware of how much negative commentary you have running in your subconscious. Take notice; then stop those thoughts in their tracks.

2. Practice yoga

Yoga can help with strength and flexibility, as well as promote a sense of emotional balance. Take this quiz to find out which style of yoga suits your personality and needs best.

3. Meditate

Meditation, or the practice of stilling the mind, is a simple way to recharge. Regular meditation can decrease anxiety and depression. Over time, it can also help you deal with work stressors in a more healthy way.

4. Guided imagery

Guided imagery is a great relaxation tool for those who might need a little assistance quieting down the mind.  Click here for a beach visualization from the University of Houston Clear Lake Counseling Services.

5. Progressive muscle relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is the systematic tensing and relaxing muscle groups throughout the body. Check out this free audio guide to take you through a progressive muscle relaxation exercise.

6. Deep breathing

Focusing on the breath can be done anywhere, at anytime. When we slow our breathing, we calm our nervous systems and become more centered. When we’re stressed out, our breathing becomes shallow and more rapid (and for some of us, that’s most of the time!) Checking in with the breath is a small but profound way to practice self-care.

7. Spend time with animals

Furry friends can increase your happiness. If you don’t have a pet of your own, try some of these suggestions for getting some quality animal time in.

8. Journal

Journaling can be a cathartic way to work through tough emotions. The key is to write without judging the words. Let your pen do the talking.

9. Exercise

We all know exercise boosts those endorphins. Try thinking about physical activity in terms of how happy it will make you feel–the physical benefits are just a great bonus.

10. Drink tea

Just the act of sipping tea is soothing, but an amino acid found in tea called L-Theanine has been proven to have relaxing properties. Read more about the benefits of tea here.

What do you do to recharge and treat yourself kindly? Tell us what works for you.

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