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Nurse manager, Beth Israel Medical Center, Manhattan

Escala, RN, MS, recently was awarded the 2012 Contemplative Award from the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care. The center’s mission is to offer compassionate contemplative care by training people in this quality of care and providing direct service. NYZCCC’s work includes accredited chaplaincy training, accredited seminary training, direct Zen meditation and contemplative one-on-one or group practices, volunteer caregiving training programs, community ritual and liturgy, bereavement programs, and healthcare clinical partnerships. Since partnering with Beth Israel, NYZCCC has been providing direct-care chaplains for bedside visits, meditation groups, staff support and bereavement support.

The award is to honor people for their contributions to the field of contemplative care.

The inscription on the award recognizes Escala “with deep appreciation … for her compassion, dedication and contribution to the practice of contemplative care.” Fellow honorees in 2012 included Deepak Chopra, Stephen and Ondrea Levine and Jane Brody. •

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