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The morning after: Easy breakfasts for the night crew

Night shifters, represent!

As a former night nurse myself, I have a real soft spot for fellow night nurses. We’re a special group (not that I’m biased). But if there’s one thing I know, it’s that after a 12-hour night shift (or three of them), I was NOT to be messed with. I was tired, hungry and wanted to eat and sleep, preferably at the same time. But you can enjoy some utterly delicious breakfast options without spending any time in the kitchen on the morning after.

Bookmark these recipes, night nurses — they’ll change your life.

Fancy scrambled egss

Nothing reads ho hum more than plain old scrambled eggs. Let the self-torture come to an end. Throw in some grape tomatoes and fresh basil and life will never be the same. Tired of buying basil at the grocery store only to have to toss it within a day or two? Check out Bon Appetit’s method for keeping basil green and fresh for up to a week. I’ve tried it. It works.

Brie and fig grilled cheese

Off shifters know that just because it’s morning, doesn’t mean you have to eat a classic breakfast. This Brie and Fig Grilled Cheese takes minimal effort and yields incredible flavor. Holy Gourmet!

Honey peanut butter “ice cream”

Ever get home from a tough night shift to dive into a gallon of ice cream? No? Oh yeah, me either. Well here’s a delicious and healthy alternative. Blended frozen bananas and peanut butter make for ice cream heaven, without the ice cream.

Crockpot breakfast pie

Crockpots just don’t get enough credit. You pop stuff in there, and leave it alone for hours on end, and wind up with a MEAL. Modern convenience at its best. Throw these ingredients together and ask a family member or house mate to turn the slow cooker on just before bed. Come home to a protein-rich breakfast that’ll make you sleep like a babe.

Baked french toast

Say goodbye to your griddle. Prep this baked French toast before you head into work and store in the fridge. Pop in the oven when you get home and in 35 minutes you’ll have the best French toast you’ve ever tasted.

Scones says that scone dough makes for good freezing material due to its low moisture content. Treat yourself like royalty with a scrumptious scone in the morning, without lifting a finger (other than turning the oven on.) Then drift off to sleep dreaming of “Downton Abbey.”

Precooked bacon

Aha! This is brilliant. Who doesn’t love a nice taste of bacon in the morning? But cooking bacon on a stovetop after a night shift may not be the safest activity. Why not bake a bunch at once on a day off, then freeze for instant glory at a later date.

Granola chocolate nut

Warning. Some may not be able to handle the deliciousness. If you can’t control yourself around this stuff, store at a trusted neighbor’s house and request they dole out small portions upon request. Use a responsible amount with some plain Greek yogurt. Dessert for breakfast will make you feel like a kid again.

Your turn

Any night nurses out there who are reminded of their own tried-and-true recipes perfect for quitting time? Share those recipes here!

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