Is there a NCLEX refresher course I can take that is not just questions, but also includes hands-on clinical work?

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Dear Donna,

I graduated from nursing school in 2005 and took the NCLEX exam twice without success. Even though I have completed my licensed practical nurse certification, I am interested in taking the test again. Is there a refresher course I can take? I prefer one that is not just questions, but also includes hands-on clinical work.

Looking for an RN License

Dear Donna replies:

Dear Looking for an RN License,

I don’t know of any NCLEX review courses that include a clinical component. To qualify for an RN refresher course, you would need to have an RN license. Because you have an LPN license, you can look for an LPN refresher course to get some hands-on experience in addition to taking an NCLEX review course.

You can contact some schools of nursing (including the one you attended) and ask about getting a private tutor to review both theory and clinical skills.

In the meantime, look for work as an LPN, even in a volunteer capacity to update your knowledge and skills. Call your local public health department, a free clinic or something similar. This will help to build your confidence and skills while you prepare to take the NCLEX exam again.

Best wishes,


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