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5 in 5: Scrumptious mocktail recipes you can enjoy at work

Non-alcoholic eggnog by A Sweet Pea Chef

Just because you’re working doesn’t mean you can’t have a party! Try one of these delicious “mocktail” recipes to celebrate the holidays with your fellow nurses.

1. Eggnog

If you’ve never had homemade eggnog, you’re missing out. It’s the sweetest, creamiest milkshake you’ve ever tasted. With this recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef, you won’t even miss the rum. If you’re concerned about Salmonella, check out’s recommendations for making eggnog safely. Fresh nutmeg grated on top makes this even more special.

2. Cherry bomb

Oh Martha, you’ve gone and done it again. Martha Stewart says this is a Shirley Temple all grown up; I say it’s a Shirley Temple with extra bouncy curls. Grenadine and cherries, the Cherry Bomb shouts party drink. Not only is it festive, but it’s easy to transport to work. Don’t skimp on those cherry skewers — it’s all about the presentation.

3. Peppermint hot chocolate

Who needs peppermint schnapps? Check out Lake Champlain Chocolates Mountain Mint Hot Chocolate. A 16 oz. can, at just $9.50, has approx. 21 8-oz. servings—you bring the hot cocoa, have a few coworkers bring the milk.  If you’re the ambitious type, try a stab at this Homemade Marshmallow recipe. But beware of the sugar coma to follow — dextrose heaven!

4. Sherbert punch

This Sherbert Punch recipe is inexpensive and easy. Bring the ingredients to work and assemble there. This serves 10-15 people, but it’s so good, you might want to double it. No need to transport a punch bowl — grab a clean basin from the stock room and fill ‘er up. (What! I said a clean basin!)

5. Grapefruit and pomegranate soda

This one may take a little bit of time and forethought. But it’s oh so worth it. Make a syrup with grapefruit juice, pomegranate juice and anise, then add a few spoonfuls to each cup of soda water. For extra pizzazz, garnish with pomegranate seeds.

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