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Know a new nurse? Great gifts to welcome them to the profession

Whether you have a new nurse in the family you’re exceptionally proud of or you’re precepting a new grad nurse you want to encourage, here are some great gift ideas to welcome those new nurses into the profession. We need every single one of them!

Stethoscope: Chances are a new nurse has a stethoscope that got them through nursing school, but it’s probably not the highest quality. If you really want to splurge, reward the new nurse you’re so proud of with a Littman stethoscope that will last for many years to come.

Compression Stockings: When on your feet all day, compression stockings increase comfort by providing nice support and improving venous return. Compression stockings are a perfect gift because they’re something every nurse can use but aren’t likely to buy for themselves.

Scrubs: You can never have too many pairs — there’s no such thing! For a new grad nurse with a low budget, the beginner scrub wardrobe can look pretty sparse. Help fill it out a little with a few new scrub tops and bottoms.

Journal: Writing in a journal is not only therapeutic, it’s a great way to document that incredible journey that is a new nurse’s first year on the job. It’s a place to process a bad day (or a great one), and they will treasure it both now and in the future as they have a chance to look back at where they started and see how far they’ve come.

Layering tees: Layering long-sleeve tees under short-sleeve scrub tops is a great way to stay warm in the colder months. Even in the summer hospitals can feel like an icebox. Outfit your new nurse with an array of close fitting tees that work well underneath a scrub top without creating bulk.

Fleece: While we’re on the topic of warmth, fleece jackets manage to look cute and professional simultaneously. For just $5, you can personalize it with your favorite nurse’s name and credentials or institution.

Noise machine: The first year as a new nurse is a stressful and challenging transition. Give your favorite new nurse the gift of sound: Calm waves breaking over the sand or a lovely rain storm. This can come in handy any time — for a few minutes of decompression after a tough day or to be lulled to sleep.

Lanyard: A lanyard to display your new nurse’s ID badge is an inexpensive way to express how proud you are. Find one online or in a specialty shop. Or make your own with this easy DIY Lanyard tutorial.

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