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3 easy ways to make a fashion statement with scrubs

Whether you want to put a smile on a patient’s face, feel festive for the holidays, or simply update an old pair of scrubs, there are plenty of creative ways to add a little extra flair to your work gear.

Of course if you work at an institution that has strict dress codes, you may not have a chance to try out some of these project ideas on your scrubs. Why not ornament a tote bag instead?

There are some great DIY projects out there with simple ways to embellish clothing.

Block printing

Oh So Beautiful

Block printing has been in existence for centuries. Artists carve intricate reliefs into wood blocks to make beautiful patterns on textile and paper. But you can do your own simple block printing using household items that have interesting patterns. You can also carve your own if you’re feeling ambitious. To get started, you’ll need your block print template, fabric paint or dye (or block print dye), a sponge roller and your fabric surface. With a foam brush or roller, coat your block with a layer of fabric paint and stamp! Ta da! Keep paper or cardboard in between the layers of fabric to avoid the paint or dye from bleeding through.

Fabric stamping

There are a million stamps out there, making it easy to get a little artsy, even if you’re not the most creative one in the bunch. The technique is similar to the block printing technique. Use a foam brush or roller to distribute an even coat on your stamp. Press onto your fabric and voila.

Iron-on transfers


Sprucing up your scrubs with an iron-on transfer is easy and inexpensive. You can purchase pre-made transfers or follow Martha Stewart’s guide for making your own silhouette images. You can even add a little sparkle with iron-on rhinestones. Check out these neckline rhinestone kits!

A few expert tips for using fabric inks and paints:

  • Pre-wash the item you are going to stamp
  • Clean stamps and brushes in between uses with mild detergent.
  • Set ink or paint with a dry iron for 30 seconds
  • Wait 72 hours before washing the garment to allow colors to set

Now for the confession: I planned on making an example of each of these. But after three trips to the craft store and multiple attempts, I’ve come to the unfortunate conclusion that … I am not at all crafty! But I know there are many creative and artistic nurses out there who could tackle these projects lickety-split!

Email me at [email protected] with your finished projects and they may get shared with our Scrubbed In readers!

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