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5 in 5: Healthy kid snacks you should swipe for your workbag

Nurses are a busy lot. Working odd hours makes planning ahead just a little bit harder than for the average Joe. So the biggest requirement for eating well is convenience.

But we all know that convenient and healthy don’t always go hand in hand. Given that I’m surrounded by young children who think snacks are a major food group, I’ve gotten pretty good at maintaining a stock of healthy options.

FYI, you don’t need to have children to eat this stuff. They’re legitimate edibles for all age groups!

1. Goldfish crackers

Crunchy, salty and baked, goldfish are a great snack when you need a little something to tide you over. With a serving size of 55 crackers (yay quantity!) and just 140 calories, nibbling these can keep you from eating your entire refrigerator when you get home after a long shift. I’ve never done that.

2. String cheese

A little pre-packaged protein that is portion-sized and takes up virtually no room in your lunch bag. String cheese has 7 grams of protein and 20% of your daily Calcium requirement. Pair it with snack No. 3 and you’ve got yourself a balanced mini meal.

3. Sliced apples

I know it sounds silly, but I’m 90% more likely to eat a sliced apple than I am a whole one. But if you’ve ever tried to cut an apple with a plastic hospital knife, you know it doesn’t end well. So slice you’re apple before work and use one of these methods to keep your apple from browning.

4.  Stonyfield Farms Organic Yogurt

These are outstanding. They’re creamy, mild and unlike any other yogurt I’ve ever tasted.  Flavors like Rasberry Pear, Pumpkin Banana, and Apple & Sweet Potato are a welcome change to the boring old yogurt you’re used to.

5.  Babyfood pouches

Trust me, if my picky toddlers eat them, so will you. The combinations out there are creative and nutritious. Think apple carrot or raspberry, spinach, and Greek yogurt. No spoon required — they have a little straw-like spout at the top. Try it!

Your turn

What’s your favorite healthy snack to stash in your workbag? Post a comment below!

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