Are there any websites where I can get advice about taking the CARN exam?

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Dear Donna,

I plan to take the Certified Addictions Registered Nurse Certification Exam again in October, after not passing it the first time. According to the International Nursing Society on Addictions, the organization that certifies the test, the study guide still is being revised. Are there any websites where I can request advice on taking the exam and what to study — from anyone that has taken the exam? Can you help with this confusing question?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Confused,

I contacted the International Nursing Society on Addictions and they state the certification study guide should be ready sometime this fall, but they are not certain it will be available before the October exam.

Pearls Review has several courses available to prepare for CARN certification ( Also, you can post your inquiry on the forums (

If you do an Internet search for “CARN certification” you’ll turn up some additional resources. If your state has a chapter of the IntNSA (, contact them (or any other chapter) about one-on-one coaching.

Best wishes,


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