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Survey looks at providers’ use of digital technology

A new survey reveals that RNs and APRNs generally are more likely than physicians to use digital technology in their practice.

The survey, conducted by Manhattan Research, a healthcare market research and advisory firm, focused on the digital adoption and behaviors of U.S. nurses and physician assistants. It surveyed 1,019 nurses and PAs and compared their responses with those of 3,015 physicians in a previous 2012 survey.

The researchers found that RNs spent 16 hours online per week for professional purposes in 2012. That total was higher than APRNs (14 hours), PAs (14 hours) and physicians (11 hours).

Nurses and PAs use smartphones more often than physicians during patient consultations, with 74% of PAs, 67% of RNs, 60% of APRNs and 40% of physicians making use of such technology.

Nurses also use pharma or biotech websites more frequently than physicians and are more interested in using pharma features on EHRs: 37% of RNs, 30% of PAs, 26% of APRNs and 23% of physicians use any pharma or biotech websites in a given week; and 83% of PAs, 79% of RNs, 76% of APRNs and 67% of physicians expressed interest in using pharma features on an EHR system.

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