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Is there a push for nurse residency programs for new nurses?


Dear Donna,

The term “new grad” now seems to be a subclass of nurses, compared to “experienced” nurses. Is there an awareness campaign to promote the creation of nurse residencies?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Concerned,

There are a growing number of nurse residency programs (acute care focused) across the country, and clearly more are needed. I hope some eventually will be designed for nonhospital positions, too, such as public health, long-term care, psych and other settings. But as long as the job market for new nurses remains tight, I doubt many more programs will appear.

However, the hospital job market may open up significantly in the next few years, and I suspect we will see more residency programs then. You may find the Nurse Residency Program on the American Association of Colleges of Nursing’s website interesting ( There also are private companies that set up residency programs for hospitals, such as this one (

Best wishes,

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