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Documentary captures authentic nursing stories

Imagine this scenario: An oncology nurse encounters a new young male patient in the infusion center one morning. They enjoy good conversation, and she becomes a source of encouragement in his cancer battle.

He finishes treatment. Fast forward five years: This young man has completed nursing school and now works with HIV-infected patients in San Francisco. His inspiration was that oncology nurse, who likely would tell you, “I was just doing my job.”

Kathleen Ring, RN, gives patient Phoebe a hug after completing chemotherapy treatment at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

Sounds like a heartwarming movie script, doesn’t it? It is, and the story is real; it’s one of many in an upcoming true-to-life film about nurses. This narrative and others that are equally inspiring will populate the film in production by On Nursing Excellence, a nonprofit organization.

When it is released this October, the feature-length documentary will depict the work of nurses from the bedside to the boardroom, according to director Kathy Douglas, RN, MHA.

Influencing healthcare’s future

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