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After 20 years in school and home health, I would like to get into case management. What advice do you have?


Dear Donna,

After more than 10 years in school health and 10 in home health, I would like to work in case management. I am a RN, have a BSN and a master’s degree in public administration. How can I get back to acute care, and more specifically case management, after being told I have been away too long? Earning a case management certificate would help, but it does not guarantee employment. Should I go back to staff nursing?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Cecile,

Your experience and credentials are excellent. It is possible for you to get into case management where you stand. I’m not sure who told you otherwise, but if it was a potential employer, know that every employer is different. Even some new nurses have been hired into case management.

Keep in mind that case management positions exist in hospitals, private case management companies, insurance companies and other settings. So if you’re not successful with one type of employer, try another.

Start doing some informational interviewing ( with experienced case managers. Find them through your local chapter of the Case Management Society of America ( If your local chapter has area meetings, attend one or two as a guest. When there’s something you want to do, it makes sense to rub elbows with those already doing it. Networking also is well known to be a great way to find a job.

Getting back into acute care would be very challenging now, because that job market is very tight for nurses. Hospitals want to hire only nurses with current acute care experience. That’s fine, because that is not necessarily what you want to do. Take a different approach to job hunting and look in new directions for case management positions. Persistence and determination always will win in the end.

Best wishes,


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