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Nurses embrace look, function of new Adventist Hinsdale Hospital pavilion

The new patient pavilion at Adventist Hinsdale (Ill.) Hospital is scheduled to open in April.

Michelle Kolvitz, RN, has worked at Adventist Hinsdale (Ill.) Hospital for 23 years.

For one day last month, she became “Female Patient Adult.” That’s what the placard hanging from her ID badge said March 13 during one of the day-in-the-life scenarios nurses were practicing to prepare for this month’s opening of a new patient pavilion on campus.

“I cannot wait to be in here,” said Kolvitz, who usually works on the postpartum unit. “I love the rooms. They’re so much bigger.”

Kolvitz and other nurses were taking part March 13 in the second of four planned days of scenarios in the five-story, 116,000-square-foot pavilion.

In one scenario, Kolvitz was a new mother whose baby went missing from her room. A “code pink” was called on the unit for nurses to practice the scenario.

“There’s a lot of evidence-based research that says if you have drills, it helps your patients have better outcomes,” said BettySue Netzel, RN, director of women’s and children’s services. “We’re taking the same thought process to moving. If we do drills and practice before we move, we’ll have a smoother transition from the old building to the new tower. By doing drills now, it won’t be so new for the nurses.”

Kolvitz, who said she was involved in a real-life code pink at a different hospital previously in her career, said the practice is invaluable for nurses and staff members.

Photo by Barry Bottino
Three rooms on the new labor and delivery unit contain whirlpool tubs.

“Codes happen when they happen,” she said. “It’s not like they’re planned.”

The new pavilion, which will give the hospital 277 beds, features private patient rooms, updated nursing units, a new chapel, and a lobby that is awash in natural light from large skylights and includes a floor-to-ceiling waterfall.

The pavilion is connected to the existing hospital and is divided into neighborhoods that ensure nurses are no more than 50 feet from patients at all times.

“Our new pavilion strengthens the nurse-patient relationship by giving our caregivers easy access to patients at the bedside,” Hinsdale CNO Shawn Tyrrell, RN, MSN, CNAA, said in a news release. “The opening of this space represents the start of a new and exciting chapter in our hospital’s history.”

For Netzel, the excitement during scenarios came from seeing nurses and hospital staff work together, sometimes stopping drills for discussion.

“Staff are so involved,” Netzel said. “They’re the ones making decisions because it’s their work environment. [They[‘]re talking about] where things go and how they’re going to organize their work flow. It’s a fantastic opportunity. They’re all engaged and talking to each other.

“People are invested in their opinions counting,” Netzel said. “They feel totally involved. That’s what I like.”

Netzel also praised the warm colors of the new building’s interior, saying the color scheme will provide a healing atmosphere for patients.

“Not only is the space bigger than we’re used to, but the color scheme is so calming,” she said. “We brought the nature colors inside. Everbody’s talked about how nice it is.”

Patients also will notice a difference beyond the color scheme and furnishings.

“I think the benefit for the patients is they get engaged staff,” Netzel said. “Your caregivers really make a difference in your hospital stay.”

On the fourth floor, which Kolvitz soon will call home, the new rooms will benefit nurses.

“You can get your equipment around the room,” she said. “You can do your work.” Larger nurses’ stations also have a designated area for physicians to chart.

“We were all crunched into one area (before),” Kolvitz said.

Anticipation for the pavilion has been building since 2010, when construction began.

“We can hardly wait,” Netzel said. “We’re so excited.”

Barry Bottino is a regional editor.

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