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Florida RNs are in the spotlight

Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point, Hudson, Fla. —

Jared Hanlon, RN

The 2011 third-quarter recipients of the Employee Essential Piece Awards and Service Award recipients were announced. The Essential Piece Award recognizes employees for their demonstration of customer service. The quarter’s winners included Carol Ann Bialkoski, RN, special care unit.

Service Awards recognize employees for their years of service. Recipients included Ardis Ligman, RN, 25 years; Nancy Allen, RN, 20 years; Esther Gonzalez, RN, 20 years; Barbara Seymour, RN, 20 years; Mary Dodd, RN, 10 years; Antonio Quinones, RN, 10 years; Suman Ahuja, RN, five years; Kimberley Drury, RN, five years; Lori Ingles, RN, five years; Suma Jaise, RN, five years; Jansi John, RN, five years; David Kokoruz, RN, five years; Frank Massotto, RN, five years; April McAuliffe, RN, five years; Terri Orr, RN, five years; Sarah Palmisano, RN, five years; Usha Sharma, RN, five years; Gina Tannenbaum, RN, five years; Nirmala Vinayagam, RN, five years.

Oak Hill Hospital, Spring Hill, Fla. —

Ralph Taylor, RN

Oak Hill Hospital, Spring Hill, Fla. — Star Associates of the Month of November 2011 included Jared Hanlon, RN. The hospital also announced the appointment of Ralph Taylor, RN, MSN, as assistant CNO. Crystal Culbertson, RN, BS, MS, was appointed director of surgical services, and Leanne Salazar, RN, BSN, MBA, was appointed vice president of quality and risk management.

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