I complained about unfair hiring practices at a facility to which I applied for a job. Now they want an interview, but why?

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Dear Donna,

I finally have an interview at the hospital in which I did my clinical for two years as a student nurse. I am a licensed RN who graduated with honors, on the dean’s list and a leader in clinical. Our class almost was closed down because professors found out some students were cheating. I was not part of the group. (I think the professors had an idea who was and went out of their way to tell me they knew I was not involved). I got my GPA the old-fashioned way — hard work and honesty. One of the suspected cheaters already worked in the facility, and she helped friends from that group get RN positions, including her boyfriend, even though they had lower GPAs. I think my resume, transcript and experience blew away other candidates. Their contracts require them to get a BSN in five years, but none has signed up for a BSN program. I am in one.

I got fed up and filed an anonymous formal complaint against human resources about a hiring process that focused on nurses getting friends hired and I even wrote “I can understand family helping family.” They told me they take these types of complaints very seriously and the vice president of HR is investigating. I told them they should look at new hires starting in 2010 and look for the common employee they know to figure out who had this amount of power. I also said they should take a look at the new hires’ GPAs and ask how those decisions were allowed to happen. Aren’t they worried the lack of nursing knowledge could endanger a patient? By the way, I began my letter stating I have an affinity for this hospital and listed many positives about the facility.

I am older, owned a company, co-founded a TBI organization, cared for a coma patient for three years (who woke up) and advocated to support five bills becoming law. However, HR never called me for an interview. Two weeks after filing the complaint, I got a call for an interview. Is this so they can say they interviewed me, and I wasn’t right for the position? Or is it because all the new hires aren’t getting their BSNs? Am I being played?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Anonymous,

It is impossible to know what the motivation is behind the interview. But if you are interested in working there, all you can do is go on the interview and present your best, professional self. Do not bring up anything about your previous conversations, concerns or complaints. Be careful not to come across as angry, defensive or disgruntled because those are feelings you obviously have whether they are justified or not. Focus on only your own qualifications and your interest in this employer and the job.

You’ve already made your case about your concerns, so leave it at that. It’s up to the employer whether to do anything about it. Focus on yourself and your own career from here.

Best wishes,


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