How can I find out if LPNs in my state are allowed to take verbal orders?

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Dear Donna,

Can LPNs in Maryland take verbal orders? I have tried asking the Maryland Board of Nursing, but it has been two weeks and I have not gotten a reply. I have read the practice act, and it does not mention anything about LPNs not being able to take verbal orders. Is there anywhere else I could find the answer?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Leonor,

I was able to speak to a representative of the Maryland Board of Nursing. She told me LPNs in Maryland for the most part can take verbal orders with stipulations and they would, of course, have to be cosigned by an RN.

She also said the LPN scope of practice varies depending on the practice setting and status of the patient. LPNs also must practice according to the policies and procedures of the facility or employer for which they work.

The representative I spoke with said you should email or call them if you have any more questions. They may not get back to you immediately (most boards receive a large volume of inquiries) but eventually will reply. It’s also OK to follow up if you don’t hear anything after a few weeks.

Best wishes,


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