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Bronx-Lebanon RNs share nurse-driven projects during TCAB day

After viewing the posters, attendees had the option to spin a wheel decorated with questions based on the poster presentations and win a prize if they answered correctly.

On Oct. 31, Bronx-Lebanon Hospital staff showed off months of hard work and diligent research during the hospital’s dedicated Transforming Care at the Bedside Day.

With this year’s theme “Ring of Knowledge,” the day was a success, said coordinator Cheryl Jerome, RN, MA, seventh-floor patient care manager. About 15 posters were presented on topics such as decreasing nosocomial pressure ulcers, decreasing wait times in the ED and increasing and maintaining PICC line dressing compliance.

All projects were nurse-driven and provided data and outcomes. “Most of the projects were completed using the Toyota Model that incorporates the five whys,” Jerome said. In this model, the answer to each why leads the investigator to the root cause of the problem.

Bronx-Lebanon Department of Psychiatry nurses Sharon Williams, RN, left, and Pamela Griffin, RN.

Typically, projects are done by med/surg, critical care or ED staff. This year, psychiatry also submitted a project. Staff nurse Pamela Griffin, RN, and patient care manager Sharon Williams, RN, who both work in psychiatry at Bronx-Lebanon’s Fulton division, presented their research project on decreasing non-nursing functions to enhance quality nursing care.

According to Griffin and Williams, nurses were spending too much time trying to find code blue debriefing forms, which decreased the amount of time for patient interaction. “This project was extremely important to us because when staff is spending so much time looking around for forms, it takes away from the amount of time you have to complete the process,” Williams said.

Williams and Griffin developed a questionnaire for staff that helped identify the problems: the forms were not easily accessible or in a central location. They also realized forms were placed in different areas on different units. The project’s goal then was to create a central location on all units to store the various forms to provide easier access and enhance quality of care. The project was completed Dec. 30, and the form now is available on computer.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital staff were invited to view the poster presentations. After hearing from the presenters, they spun a wheel with questions about each presentation. Prizes were given for each correctly answered question.

Patient care manager Kwame Wiredu-Mensah, RN, left, and Medjine Toussaint, RN, staff nurse, both of the 10th floor, presented their research on pressure ulcer staging.

This is the second year nursing staff presented their research. The posters also were on display the next day at the Fulton facility. There were about eight posters at last year’s event, and Jerome said increased participation in this year’s TCAB Day demonstrates staff commitment to improving patient care.

“Staff were so dedicated that the problems that weren’t resolved favorably were redone,” Jerome said. “We’re very proud of the staff. We’re planning to submit some of the projects for presentation at the med/surg conference and nursing management congress.”

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