I love art. If I take some classes, how could I combine it with my love of nursing?

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Dear Donna,

I have 15 years of experience in utilization review and three years in med/surg. I always have been interested in art. If I took some classes, could I combine art with nursing?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Barbara,

Several nurses have combined their love of art and talents with their nursing background in interesting ways. A few who are artists and nurses such as Marti Hand (www.martihand.com/files/abouttheartist.html) and Marlyn Boyd (http://marlyn-boyd.fineartamerica.com) create art. Feel free to reach out to them and brainstorm. Tell them Dear Donna sent you! Here’s another website you may find interesting www.artbynurses.com.

Other nurses have used their interest in art to expand and enhance the healing environment in hospitals, psychiatric facilities, adult day service centers, cancer centers, long-term care, etc. This might include the creation of therapeutic art galleries, consulting on displayed art work, facilitating therapeutic craft and art sessions for patients and family members and so on. Here’s one related website about therapeutic art (www.healthcarefineart.com/research). Evidence-based design is a growing field in healthcare.

You also could create posters, flyers and other work to inspire nurses and/or promote the value of nursing. These are just a few ideas. Read this article, “Creativity and the Arts in the Healthcare Setting” (http://jama.ama-assn.org/content/279/5/399.full).

You are limited by only your imagination. Start the journey by taking the classes and see where the road leads you. You don’t have to envision the final destination, but you do have to start moving forward in faith. If you do that, the right path will eventually reveal itself.

My best wishes,


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