Can California BSN students sit for the NCLEX before graduation, if they have completed their rotations?

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Dear Donna,

I have heard California BSN students can sit for the NCLEX before graduation as long as they have completed rotations in med/surg, pediatrics, maternity and mental health. I know RNs who did it in the past, but is this still allowed? I want to take my exam early if it is. I have searched high and low (including trying to contact the Califonia Board of Nursing) and have not been able to find a concrete answer.


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Stephanie,

I also tried to reach the board without success. The California BRN website clearly states you must have completed an educational program meeting all California requirements. And because, I am presuming, you need to provide complete transcripts from that program, you would not be able to get those until the program is finished.

Some states used to allow RN students to take the NCLEX-PN exam (for LPNs or LVNs) at some point in their RN education (I don’t know if that’s what you’ve heard about). But that is not the case in most (if any) states that I know of.

Speak to any of your nursing instructors and/or the dean or director about this. I’m sure they are familiar with the regulations in California for sitting for the NCLEX-RN and/or the NCLEX-PN.

My best wishes,


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