I quit my job during orientation because I was overwhelmed by family tragedies. Do you think I could reapply?

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Dear Donna,

I recently moved to Dallas and was hired at a major hospital. While going through orientation, I quit the job because it was far from home and a car hit my son. During that time, I also lost my father and mother-in-law. With all of these tragedies hitting me at once, I couldn’t take it. A year has passed. Do you think I burned those bridges or do you think I would have a chance if I reapplied?


Dear Donna replies:

Dear Robert,

I don’t know how you left (did you just not show up one day or did you give notice and explain?), but I would give reapplying a shot. Be honest and tell them you had family challenges that required your full-time attention. Express that these issues have been resolved and you are eager to jump back in and make a full commitment. Let them know you loved working there and would be honored to be a part of the team.

Presuming you have not been working all this time, start volunteering in a healthcare setting as soon as possible while you continue to look for paid employment — maybe even at the hospital at which you’d like to work. It’s a way to get your foot in the door and gain some valuable experience. You also can make direct contact while there with those who hired you and were orienting you and your former co-workers and manager if applicable.

If the facility has open house or recruitment events (check its website for listings), be sure to attend. Also look for this employer and others at area career fairs.

My best wishes,


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