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Mercy Medical Center dances through Nurses Week

Last year, the Nurses Week Committee at Mercy Medical Center in Rockville Centre, N.Y., hosted a “Mercy Idol” singing contest during lunchtime. Not to be outdone, once again committee members — Chair Claire DeSetto, RN; Co-Chair Tanya Cody, RN; Beth Vlahavas, RN; Sheba Thomas, RN; Nancy Ballas, RN; Barbra Kahn, RN; Karen Rennie, RN; Lauren Podalowski, RN; and Chavonne Blount, RN — collaborated on another unique way to celebrate.

“Mercy’s Dancing With the Stars” partnered staff nurses with administrators in a dance-off competition based on the popular ABC TV show “Dancing With the Stars.”

Similar to last year’s “Idol,” Vlahavas, director of nursing for the ED and behavioral health, served as host of the May 12 lunchtime event in the hospital’s dining room.

Daniel Murphy, MD, director of emergency services; Michele Kunz, RN, director of nursing education; and Kevin Crumlish, director of security, judged the six couples on creativity and skill, giving each category a score between 0 and 10.

Each performance was complemented by elaborate sets and props that included a 1950s malt shop counter, a 1970s discotheque and even a motorcycle. Dance styles ranged from the twist to the samba to the hustle to the tango.

King Lotsa Pizza and the Wackaloony Sisters performed the last dance of the day.

Watching Pierre Debrosse, RN, and Kathleen Kennedy, director of imaging services, who danced to “Let’s Twist Again,” judge Murphy jokingly said, “As a physician, I have to ask if you’re OK!”

While the scores were being tallied, the audience was entertained by King Lotsa Pizza and the Wackaloony Sisters, who served as the show’s finale. As he stroked on his ukelele, COO Ron Steimel and his backup singers, Sister Ann Reeki and Sister Mary Alice Aschenbach, brought the house down with their rendition of “Tiny Bubbles,” complete with bubble machines for effect.

Joanne Panza, RN, and Gerard Lockwood, director of environmental services, were named winners of the competition, each receiving the Mercy’s Dancing with the Stars disco ball award. The remaining contestants received smaller disco balls to wear around their necks.

With time left in the lunch hour, the audience was invited to participate in the Electric Slide, a group dance known to be a favorite at weddings and other large-scale gatherings.

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