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Nursing Excellence 2011 Finalists: Clinical Care

Nursing Spectrum will honor its 2011 finalists for the Nursing Excellence Awards program at a gala Tuesday, June 7 in Greenbelt, Md.

The finalists for the Clinical Care category are as follows:

Maria Cachafeiro-Cavadas, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse
Inova Alexandria (Va.) Hospital
Nominated by: Joanne Gucciardo

Maria Cachafeiro-Cavadas is distinguished as a clinical and decision-making leader on the 52-bed med/surg unit where she works. In six years, she has worked her way from a new graduate level to the highest level of the clinical ladder. Her unit director frequently calls on Cachafeiro-Cavadas to train new nurses on the unit. She has successfully precepted nearly a dozen new graduate nurses in the last three years. She is frequently chosen to be the charge nurse on the unit because of her leadership and communication skills. She readily switches shifts to accommodate a teammate’s request, and always has a positive attitude. Physicians have come to regard her as their go-to person when they want something done for a patient or need an update on a patient’s condition. She is also the skin resource nurse and is proactive in working with the WOCN when her patients are at risk for pressure ulcers.

Paula Goodman, RN

Paula Goodman, RN, BSN, OCN
Clinical Staff Nurse
Georgetown University Hospital, Washington, D.C.
Nominated by: Laurie J. Dohnalek

Paula Goodman came to GUH in 2006 as a new graduate and a second-degree student. She accomplished this after supporting her husband in his career aspirations and raising a family. According to her nominator, “clinical expert” is a title Goodman has earned. She is recognized as being intelligent, caring and passionate about providing the best nursing care. The stories about this nurse and her advocacy for patients and their families are numerous, based on letters, phone calls and comments from patients that focus on her many attributes. She has a gift and a special interest in end-of-life care, which has led families of many patients to express their gratitude. Goodman has been nominated numerous times for the hospital’s Shining Star program by colleagues. Along with caring for a patient’s physical needs, she performs nursing for the patient and family on an emotional level.

Laura McCormack, RN

Laura McCormack, RN, BSN
Registered Nurse
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital, Alexandria, Va.
Nominated by: Debbie Bendahan

The care of a patient in the immediate post-anesthesia phase requires strong critical care knowledge and skills. Laura McCormack possesses those skills while serving as a clinical resource, a preceptor for new staff and students, and a peer evaluator for PACU RNs. McCormack’s nominator described her as “a nurse I can depend on to provide excellent patient care, use good judgment and follow through on projects and issues.” Colleagues, meanwhile, call her a compassionate, collaborative spirit with a genuine desire to help others grow professionally. She is able to build on the strengths of others by respecting differences. Her clinical knowledge is valued, and her desire to share that knowledge is respected by peers. McCormack was instrumental in educating and collaborating with other PACU RNs to develop new processes and policies that encompassed evidence-based practices for hypothermia on the unit.

Rachel Moseley, RN

Rachel Moseley, RN, BSN, CWCN, COCN
Wound/Ostomy Nurse Specialist
Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, Baltimore
Nominated by: Mary Ann Greene, RN, DNP

When Rachel Moseley moved to the DC/Maryland/Virginia region in 2007, she followed a special interest in managing wounds and earned a WOCN certification. She enthusiastically serves as co-chair of a group of staff nurses who have become the Wound/Skin Resource Team. Moseley and the team provide education for new and current staff, collaborating with multi-disciplinary healthcare providers. She audits the units for pressure ulcers and practice issues and guides the analyses of the data received. Despite a tight economy, Moseley convinced the executive team to invest more than $150,000 to improve the sleep surfaces of patient mattresses. Using a carefully crafted campaign, she enlisted the wound team to assist with the mattress changeover of every bed in the hospital on one day last summer. Since the change, total prevalence percentage of unit-acquired ulcers was the lowest ever recorded at the hospital. She is enthusiastic, engaging and encourages nurses to do his or her very best.

Hope Padilla, RN

Hope Padilla, RN, BSN, PCCN
Critical Care Staff Nurse
Shore Health System, Easton, Md.
Nominated by: Stacey Kram

Hope Padilla’s contributions are nothing short of immense, according to her nominator, who refers to Padilla as “the unsung hero of the ICU.” She demonstrates empowerment through education, having presented staff education on numerous topics. She is a change agent among staff with a wealth of knowledge gained from working overseas and in various areas, such as ED, critical care, pediatrics, med/surg, urology, peritoneal dialysis and outpatient chemotherapy. There is nothing Padilla cannot do. Known as a thorough clinician, Padilla is frequently recognized by patients for her kindness, thoroughness and gentle touch. She served on a ventilator-associated pneumonia committee as an investigator in a study regarding the changing of suction canister liners in the ICU. The findings and changes in practice proposed by Padilla and the committee led to zero incidence of VAP in the ICU in more than 500 days. She also undertook the arduous task of recreating the staffing grid to create a unit-specific acuity scale to ensure patients are cared for, as well as nurses.

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