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Hospital for Joint Diseases Renovates Orthopedic Clinic

The Hospital for Joint Diseases at NYU Langone Medical Center reopened the doors to a refurbished and expanded Samuels Orthopaedic Immediate Care Center. Open daily, the center is New York City’s only walk-in clinic for patients with muscle, bone and joint conditions and injuries.

“Being part of the only orthopedic immediate care facility in the area is truly rewarding — and patients are happy because they can now receive care for muscle and joint conditions outside of a traditional emergency room,” HJD staff nurse Maureen Swartz, RN, said in a news release. “The new design is more modern and comfortable, and the layout allows for better flow, which allows nurses and doctors to spend more time with each patient to assess, treat and educate.”

More than 70% of patients treated at the immediate care center leave the hospital in less than two hours. However, with the renovated facility, patients with injuries that require emergency surgery now have access to ORs that are minutes away.

Sitting, from left, are Marie Eugene, NA; Brunilda Pagan, RN, nurse manager; and Maureen Swartz, RN. Standing, from left, are Linda Mendez, RN; Flordelita Guillermo, RN; Joy Lindo, registrar; Yiping Xu, RN; and Fe Gamalier, RN.

“All of our patients are extremely important and although they come in with non-life threatening conditions, it’s critical to help them feel comfortable and know they are here to get better,” said HJD staff nurse Flordelita Guillermo, RN. “The simple addition of television in the exam rooms helps distract patients — particularly children — from the reason they are here.”

The facility has more than 5,000 square feet of renovated space designed to speed admissions, diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic injuries. Exam rooms have state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to enable staff to quickly evaluate, treat and admit patients, if necessary.


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